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Summer Nights interview,
April 2016

Jane was interviewed by Dr Mari Hughes-Edwards for Bay TV about her new book Summer Nights at the Moonlight Hotel. Here she discusses the term 'chick lit', why she set a book in the Lake District and how, even after nine books, writing isn't always easy.

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Girls on Tour, Liverpool,
May 2015

Jane joined authors Andy Jones and Iona Grey for a Books and the City Girls on Tour event in Liverpool One Waterstones. Simon and Schuster's Editorial Director Clare Hey spoked to them about everything from how to write a tear-jerker to which books they wished they'd written themselves.

Jane introduces The Love Shack, April 2015

Jane is interviewed by the team at Books and the City about dream homes, writing comedy and wedding planning.

Jane's Ice Bucket challenge, August 2014.

It was cold.

Girl On The Run, April 2011

Jane tries to get her breath back long enough to talk about her fourth novel, Girl on the Run.

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